Remembering Lermontov

Remembering Lermontov Mikhail Yuryevich Lermontov (1814-1841) – a Russian poet, romantic writer, playwright and painter. A genius you cannot imagine Russian literature without. Though he lived a very short life, not only he created great masterpieces, but openly declared his civic stance.

Today we want to remember one of his winged phrases so we could stop, take thought and learn how to be grateful just for a moment.

‘A man often complains about his life, which, he says, it is not as good and successful as other people may have. And when he looks at other people who are more happy and successful he envies them and cries: ‘Why do I have such a hard life!?’. But this understanding is not correct, because everyone has a life he needs for his soul benefit. Not the worst things happen to a man as he sometimes thinks but the best of what could happen. Therefore, first of all, a man should look around and see how happy he is, how many blessings God gave him. The ability to thank God for all you have and what is more important do not blindly thank him, but truly realize that you actually live a blessed life, which is a base of man's spiritual life. After all, if a man does not appreciate all the good things he has and even asks for more, why would God give him more if a man has not yet come into the inheritance he already has and which was already given?’.

M.Y. Lermontov

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