Only one touch makes the world better!

Only one touch makes the world better! Dear friends!

Only two months ago we informed you about the system startup owing to which it is very easy to make charitable contributions for benefit of needy people by pay terminal Qiwi. And now we are very glad to let you know that our Foundation deserves a confidence of many people: daily Foundation “Saby” receives money on its bank account. And even if the contributions are at times small, we appreciate every tyin transferred by you and, please believe, we use it for necessary and important purposes. And at the end of year we shall without fail report back to you in detail.

Unfortunately, we cannot define every benefactor and thank him/her for his/her contribution by electronic system. So, we would like to say “THANK YOU!” with all our heart for your attraction sensitiveness and unselfishness on our site! That anonymous philanthropy is a sign of the highest progress of humanity.

The terminals Qiwi are easy to recognize due to their interface design where a bright logotype and brand symbol – orange bird Qiwi – are placed. They are located on the territory of our country in commercial centers, shops, filling stations, bus stations and in other public places. We are waiting for you, our benefactors! Only one touch makes the world better!

Your Foundation “Saby”.

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