"Laiykty Omir" Public Association

Laiykty Omir

Beneficiary code 18; TRN 3020002477976;
IIC 000700462
Address: 29/3, Yermekov Street, Karaganda, Republic of Kazakhstan Public Association
Rehabilitation Center for Disabled Persons
BIC 191801708; Karaganda Branch of Kazkommertsbank JSC
Tel/fax: (3212) – 56-54-86;
e-mail: laikomir@mail.ru
Ref. No 147
dated 14.12.2009

Attn.: President of Saby Charitable Foundation
A.I. Tasmagambetova А.И.

Dear Assel Imangaliyevna!

Our organization is engaged in social activity connected with protection of disabled persons’ rights, therefore, by the nature of our activity I visit frequently the city of Almaty.
I am an invalid of 1 category and I can move only by means of a wheelchair. Before appearance of Invataxi services in Almaty, which use special automobiles for wheelchairs presented by your Foundation, me and other people with physical disabilities had great problems connected with movements through the city. It is very difficult for us to use cars as we have to change from a wheelchair to a car and vice versa, and public transport is not suitable for carriage of people on wheelchairs.
We express you our gratitude and sincere appreciation for your attention to our problems and considerable assistance in organization of Invataxi services in Almaty.
We wish you and your Foundation success in implementation and achievement of your goals!

Best regards,

A.M. Ivkin