Equipping the correctional center in Zerendi

Saby Foundation, within the scope of its ongoing Medical program, has supported the Municipal Public Utilities Institution Psycho-pedagogical correction Cabinet No. 4 in the village of Zerendi of Akmola region which provides comprehensive medical and pedagogical and social and psychological assistance to children and adolescents with speech, mental development, vision, acoustic and muscle-skeleton disorders. We have equipped three cabinets especially for the patients: Montessori, physical therapy and sensory room.

Montessori’ method key feature is to create unique development environment in which a child will desire and be able to demonstrate its individual abilities. Class-room space is divided into thematic areas, lessons in which will enable to develop attention, creative and logical thinking, memory, speech, imagination, movements. Montessori’ method is especially recommended for the children with various developmental impairments.

We have equipped one of the rooms with special-purpose equipment in order to open the physical therapy cabinet: gym wall bars, gym impact pads, walking hills with sloping ramps. Regular training contributes to improving the muscle tone, movement coordination, emotional background stabilization and attention concentration growth. All this factors enable a child to develop new skills and to automate the existing ones.

The sensory room is equipped with the purpose to develop children tactile sensitivity, improve their visual and audible perception. It is a space, arranged in a special way which forms haptic skills which contribute to removing psychoemotional stress and positive emotional state enhancement. 

Key operation principle of all three cabinets consists in comprehensive approach that will enable to solve the correctional, developmental and educational institution objectives.

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