Oxygen concentrators for Atyrau

Our Foundation purchased 10 more oxygen concentrators for medical institutions in Atyrau and the region. Earlier we have already donated 33 such devices for the region.

We have purchased the most demanded model, which allows to obtain oxygen of high concentration 90-96% by means of molecular filtration of the ambient air by physical means, without disturbing the normal volume of oxygen in the air. This is a professional device used in hospitals, medical institutions, ambulance and emergency medical services.

The equipment is certified and approved for use in medical institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Technical characteristics allow using the concentrators around the clock, including for critically ill patients. The service life of the devices is at least 10 years.

The concentrators are distributed as follows:

- Atyrau regional cardiological hospital - 10 pcs.

- Provisional center of the Makhambet central regional hospital - 7 pcs.

- Isatay central regional hospital - 7 pcs.

- Makat central regional hospital - 6 pcs.

- Kurmangazin central regional hospital - 6 pcs.

- Indersky district hospital - 4 pcs.

- Atyrau central mosque - 3 pcs.

The total cost of a batch of 43 oxygen concentrators was 12,900,000 tenge.


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