You can in no way dislike Mathematics!

You can in no way dislike Mathematics!Schoolchildren and pupils of orphanages and boarding schools in Almaty continue their enhanced studying of mathematics and physics at the "Advanced Mathematicians Courses" organized by the "Saby" Foundation under the "Alem" Young talents support program.

The educating process at the Mathematical Skills Development Center is in full swing. Pupils of the 9th grade focused on Physics and English. Schoolchildren pay special attention to gaining positive marks in the academic quarter. To achieve good progress, the preparatory Center periodically organizes additional unscheduled lessons for children.

Schoolchildren of senior and graduation classes are preparing for the Common National Testing. Maxim and Temirlan undergo intensive preparation for entering Nazarbayev University. Daulet and Akezhan plan to try on entering the grant programs of US universities and are preparing for the SAT exam.

Currently, young mathematicians are intensively preparing for the online Olympiad, which the Center will hold at the end of the month.

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Alem program for support of young talents
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Alem program for support of young talents
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Alem program for support of young talents