Second stage of overhaul in school No. 159 is completed

“Saby” Charitable Foundation completed the second stage of overhaul in the gymnasium No. 159 named after Y. Altynsarin, Almaty. During the summer holidays, corridors and staircases of the third floor were painted, on all floors, the bathrooms were completely renovated, with replacement of tiled flooring, windows, sanitary ware, ceramic bathroom fittings and equipment, and the ventilation and heating systems were set up.

Let us remember, in the autumn of last year, the school completed the painting and decoration works on the first and second floors, entrance hall and the school hall were completely restored. In addition, 1300 personal student cabinets, armchairs, curtains, drapes, lighting fixtures were purchased. The installation of the trauma-protective coating on the steps of the external stairs of the establishment was made.

We congratulate all the teachers and students of the gymnasium on the Day of Knowledge and wish a fruitful academic year!

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