Aid to Aida

 Most of concerned with our Foundation activity know that Saby is implementing its own large-scale projects with a specific purpose and, unfortunately, the foundationis unable to provide targeted aid permanently.

Nevertheless, every day we receive letters with aid requests for children with various diseases. And we immediately use every appeared chance to respond to the requests. This opportunity is given by indifferent people making their although little contributions to our foundation. Little by little, simply by dribs, a sum of money is accumulated to relieve someone’s suffering.

This time, thanks to cash contributions, received by Saby from  private philanthropists, we have been able to pay 3 courses of speech therapy massage for Aida, a girl diagnosed with ICP and Delayed Psychoverbal Development. It is worth mentioning that a large part of the required amount was gathered by the finalists of the Build your business competition and now we are very grateful to them for their contribution!

Once again we extend amany thanks to all our philanthropists and remind that absolutely everyone can participate in charity by making a donation on the website in the Want to Help section. Every tenge is important for us!



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